Automatic Payment

The best and most convenient way for you to keep your finances with the school balanced is a weekly / fortnightly automatic payment.

When you start your Automatic Payment, it is up to you as to how much you wish to put in. We have no set amounts that we require to be paid. Most of our parents currently make payments that are around $20.00 per week. This amount should cover the School Fees and Donations, Sports Fees/Trips, Miscellaneous subject class Trips and other extras.

Towards the end of the year you may even start building up a credit, to be used in the next year. As there is a camp at the end of Year 10, a credit can help cover this cost.

Our bank account number for making payments is:
Bank: ANZ
Account Name: Waitaki Boys’ High School
Account Number: 06 0941 0106392 00
References #1: (Student Name)

References #2: (Year level)

We would appreciate your Automatic Payment being started as early in the year as possible, to avoid unnecessary problems at the end of the year.

Many thanks,
WBHS Finance Team