Fraser Farm

“Preparing for the Future in Primary Production”

Waitaki Boys’ High School’s Fraser Farm is an 8ha irrigated and intensively farmed sheep farm. In two blocks on the north and south side of the campus, Fraser Farm has been developed to meet the industry requirements for young people who are enthusiastic about the sector and are striving to make a career in Primary Production.

A Fraser Farm Committee made up of farmers and industry people oversee the direction and vision of the farm. There is enormous support from the wider farming community for the students and the farm. Students are encouraged to take part in the management and day to day running of the Fraser Farm, including weekends.

Visitors are always welcome on the Fraser Farm. The students are very proud of their facility and happy to give guided tours.


Both the North and the South Farm were extensively renovated from 2012-2015, and since then productivity has been significantly improved. The Farm has new pastures, modern fencing and a computerised grid spray irrigation system installed on the North block, with long-line lateral irrigation on the south block.


Farm Operation

The farm runs an all sheep-system for simplicity and operates as closely as possible to commercial principles, to demonstrate to students Good Management Practice in action.

Approximately 130 ewes are wintered, with replacements bought-in. All ewes are mated to very high genetic merit terminal sires. Replacement ewes and terminal sires are sourced typically from Old Boys of the school. Over the last 3 years the ewes have averaged 159% lambs tailed. All lambs are taken to finished weights, but many are sold live at the local Waiareka saleyards. This is simpler than taking small numbers to processing and is a good opportunity for students to represent the school.

In addition, the Farm is an important part of WBHS’ campus. Plantings, in particular of riparian margins, and maintenance of stock, pastures and improvements all contribute to the enjoyment students, staff and families get from attending WBHS.


In addition to academic and pastoral contribution to the school, profits from the Farm are reinvested in the form of annual scholarships. For more information on these, see the WBHS prospectus.

Meet the 2022 Year 9 Fraser Farm Scholarship recipients:

Fynn Newlands, Haka Valley

Archie Rooney, Mt Somers

Jayden Morland, Kurow

Josh Geddes, Middlemarch


With the boarding facilities and Fraser Farm, Waitaki Boys’ High School is ideally placed to support young men in their quest to join one of the most exciting and dynamic industries in New Zealand.

Waitaki Boys’ High School has a long association with farming. Agriculture has been offered as part of the curriculum since 1907. The school has a tradition of excellence in teaching Accounting, Economics and the Sciences, all of which complement Agriculture.

In the Junior School, all Year 9 students take part in an Agriculture rotation. The content of this concentrates of the basics of Agricultural production – soils, pastures and stock. Each term is tailored to meet the requirements of the class.. Agriculture is an option in Year 10 , with the emphasis on preparing students for the senior courses.

Waitaki Boys High School offers NCEA Agricultural Science standards from Level 1 to Level 3, alongside Primary ITO unit standards from Level 1 to Level 3.

Fraser Farm Report - May 2023
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Fraser Farm Report - May 2022
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