Boarding at Don House

Diligentia et labore – Labour with Diligence

Don House is the boarding establishment of Waitaki Boys’ High School. The School has a roll of approximately 450 students. Don House is the heart of Waitaki Boys’ High School. We aim to develop our young men into educated, all round citizens of outstanding character.

The facilities and operation of Don House are designed to meet the needs of teenage males as well as the expectations of parents who entrust Don House with the care of their sons.

Staff at Don House all have a vested interest in your boys and will endeavour to make their transition from home life to Hostel life as seamless as possible. If you have any queries regarding your son’s time in Don House, please feel free to contact any of the Staff at Don House. The team leaders all have families of their own, so know what it is like to create a welcoming and positive environment for your son.

Don House offers quality accommodation and provides seven day boarding for students from a wide range of backgrounds and locations. Seven day boarding means that students can remain in the hostel during the weekends. Parents apply for weekend leave to allow their sons to go home in any given weekend.
Students participate in a range of activities and team sports while pursuing study in a traditional well-disciplined environment. Hostel rules are strictly enforced and there is zero-tolerance of alcohol, drugs, smoking, theft or bullying.

I am proud of the role that Don House has within Waitaki Boys High School and I am excited about the opportunities Hostel life will create for your son.

The staff at Don House are the protectors and nurturers of our next generation. It is our responsibility to ensure that the boys that pass through here are equipped to become future leaders, to be responsible, able and confident. We want them to model the values of Don House in all aspects of their daily life and to achieve their full potential in academic, cultural, sporting and social activities.

It is the hope of the Don House family that your son will make the most of the opportunities afforded to him to make his time here enjoyable and memorable and that your son will leave here as an educated all-rounder of outstanding character.