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Board meetings always start with a karakia or a board members reflection on the happenings as they might relate to the meeting or school. A recent one shared was : Education has a value that sometimes cannot be quantified. If you ever doubt your journey look within instead of looking outside. Keep working hard and focus on the long term goal. It is not necessarily the end result that counts, but instead the passion and efforts you put into getting there.



As the school year draws to a close and we plan for the one ahead, it is time to reflect on the year’s work and achievements amid the Covid lockdowns. We thank our parents for the hard work you did during the lockdown to keep your children safe, happy and learning from home. We thank our teachers for the amazing work and effort you made to help our boys to stay engaged with online learning. It was great seeing our boys return after the lockdown with enthusiasm.

Front and centre for the Board is always our school vision of “inspiring young men of outstanding character.” It is the reference point for everything we do, it forms the basis of our strategic plan and we continuously ask ourselves how we ensure that the strategy and policies we are responsible for, deliver on this vision – that our school is future focussed to motivate and prepare our boys for an ever-evolving world in a supportive and safe school environment.

Some highlights during 2021

  • Development of a more focussed reporting structure from the school to the Board ensuring it is giving us the information we need.
  • Valuable time spent with our impassioned and dedicated Heads of department, teachers in charge, senior leadership team and deans of Māori and Pacifica.
  • Interactions with the Community Association, Old Boys Association, Foundation and Fraser Farm committee means we get a diverse range of feedback and information. This helps ensure we are achieving the aspirations we set in the strategic plan – and if not – why not.
  • Putting in place a clear set of governance and operational policies.
  • Signing of the next 10-year property plan.
  • Grounds restoration work with the invaluable support of a band of merry volunteers who gave up their time and resources. This work is revitalising the front of the school and provides a unique space for learning or chilling for our boys.
  • Getting an understanding of our parent community’s thoughts on issues through various surveys
  • Whanau Hui
  • New School haka

Property information

One of the focus areas have been the signing of the next 10-year property plan. We love our school buildings and grounds but Waitaki Boys’ has a large number of Board owned buildings that pose real challenges, especially from a financial and resource perspective. Specialist reports on the Hall of Memories are being gathered and collated as we prepare it for restoration work.

As mentioned in our highlights we cannot thank the volunteers enough who have put many hours into grounds restoration. This work has led the way in attracting new residents on the grounds and no less a pair of Tui which is great. We are so close to having the creek running again and we cannot underestimate the powerful symbolism of having the boys cross the waters of the Waitaki as they enter school every day. This makes the words and meaning of the new school haka even more relevant and real.

Finance update

Financial management of the school has been and will continue to be a focus area for the Board. We are satisfied that the school’s financial situation is improving with policies and controls in place, great staff and a good working relationship with the Ministry.

We wish you and your families a very happy, joyful, restful and safe holiday season and look forward to a wonderful 2022

November 2021

School Board