In 2008 we celebrated our 125th Anniversary. Waitaki Boys’ was founded in 1883 and is one of the oldest schools in the country. The magnificent main buildings, in Oamaru stone, date from that period. In the 1920’s a breath-taking Hall of Memories was built in the perpendicular English gothic style. English gothic chapel. Assemblies and ceremonial occasions in the Hall are enhanced by one of New Zealand’s finest pipe organs. These historic buildings have all earned an ‘A Grade’ Historic Places Trust listing. The school is also handsomely endowed with 32 hectares of spacious grounds. They are laid out in impressive playing fields, lawns, gardens and shrubbery.

Under the rectorship of Mr Frank Milner
(1906-44) Waitaki Boys’ established a national
reputation for the rigour and excellence of its
academic and sporting programmes and for its
remarkable espirit de corps. It attracted boys
from throughout New Zealand. In the 1960s, the school hostel was the largest in the country with a peak enrolment of some 350 boys.

Milner promoted the concept of the all-round boy, which has shaped the Waitaki education ever since and is reflected in the school’s achievement statement. The current school is promoted by an active Old Boys’ Association, and by a Foundation with assets of over $1.4 million.